Hana and Halekalala Helicopter Tour
Vendor: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Category: Helicopter Tours
Location: Maui


Discover some of East Mauis most unique sights on the Hana and Haleakala helicopter tour. Soar thousands of feet above the immense, moon-like crater of Mt. Haleakalathe world's largest dormant volcano! Gaze down at the beautiful Hana Rainforest Preserve on your way to the famous Seven Pools of Oheo Gulch, where bamboo trees line the forest and dozens of waterfalls cascade into the tiered pools below.

From the Alpine-like vistas of upcountry to the lush landscape of the Hana Rainforest Preserve and the rugged beauty of the East Maui shoreline, this Maui helicopter tour will be nothing short of thrilling!


EcoStar Details

  • 23% increase in cabin space over the A-Star affords significantly greater personal space for guests, along with improved visibility with over 65 square feet of glass for 180 degree unobstructed views.
  • Superior comfort; individual seats for every passenger afford the kind of shoulder room and personal space found in airline "First Class" seating.
  • Raised rear seating and wrap-around glass cockpit, for significantly improved visibility from every seat.
  • First helicopter specifically designed for touring, utilizing the latest aircraft and avionics technologies. High-tech, enclosed "Fenestron," or "Fan in Fin," replaces A-Star's conventional tail rotor. Fenestron is: Safer, Quieter and More efficient, using 25% less engine horsepower, which can now be utilized by the main rotorsystem.
  • State-of-the-art fuel control automatically optimizes main rotor speed for quietest operations and instant power response. Achieved with a "Full Authority Digital Electronic Control" (FADEC), utilizing dual electronic channels with one electrical backup channel and a third hydro-mechanical backup control.
  • Engines that use latest "Grown Crystal" technology for turbine bladeséncreasing power, heat tolerance and fuel efficiency. This, along with the FADEC, is the same technology used in state-of-the-art airline engines such those on the leading-edge Boeing 777.
  • Dual hydraulic systems.


Must Purchase two seats.

Policy: Combined front row seat weight must be under 470 lbs and individual passenger weights must be under 260 lbs. Should actual weights during check-in exceed any of these limits guests will be accommodated in other seats and a refund will be made for the premium upgrade fee. Front row passengers must occupy their own seats and must be able to refrain from interfering with the pilot and instrumentation. Lap children cannot be accommodated in the front row. In the event of an emergency front row passengers must be able to receive instructions in English and be physically capable of operating exit doors. Our chair lifts are only able to access the rear row of seats therefore guests requiring a chair lift to board the helicopter cannot be accommodated in the front row.


  • Availability: Daily
  • Time: morning and afternoon fligths are availalbe
  • Location: Kahului Heliport - Click here for directions.
  • Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
  • For a private flight, please purchase 6 seats


  • For each guest weighing 250 pounds or more, an adjacent, empty seat purchase is required to safely balance the aircraft. The charge for an adjacent empty seat is reduced to 50% off of the retail tour price. This additional charge will be paid upon check-in.
  • Helicopter holds a maximum of 6 passengers
  • A fuel 22% fuel surcharge will be added at check out
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Per Person$255.20
Lap Child$0.00
Front Row Seat Per Person$100.00